Top Reception Furniture Pieces

HiBox office storage

Reception furniture is arguably one of the most important items in an office space. As the first room a guest finds themselves in while waiting in a building, receptions are usually the busiest. It is in the reception areas that first impressions of an establishment are created- hence, the importance of furniture in this space…

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Choosing The Right Office Chair

Executive desk

Office chairs are available in lots of different styles and materials. It is important to consider all of the different options before making a choice that is most practical and comfortable for your working environment. There is a range of choices available to suit your budget, type of work and environment. Office Chair Options Fabric…

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Back to the Office – Bespoke Office Furniture

office acoustic solutions

With restrictions slowly easing and normality returning to us a little bit at a time, the return to the office is upon us. Whether you’re expecting staff to return soon or slowly increasing numbers at work, you want your staff to feel safe and comfortable with optimal space so they can get back to the…

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Furniture For Your Home Office

With the current pandemic, many workplaces have realised the benefits of staff working from home, so much so that the working environment is likely to adapt to this change permanently, even when staff can work in offices again. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your home office space is as optimal as…

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The Benefits of Bespoke Office Furniture

Boss Design Cocoon Media Unit

Bespoke Office Furniture can add real value to your office setup. It’s key to have a functional yet aesthetically pleasing work environment which can be tricky to achieve with standard, plain furniture. Adding a few key pieces can make such a difference to the space and work atmosphere, it’s worth considering how you can re-design…

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Controlling Noise with Acoustic Office Furniture

Screen D Meeting Pod

Noise is widely agreed to be the number one distraction for employees in the workplace. Although open-plan spaces are much more popular designs now, it is important to consider office acoustics and how the sound will travel through your office. Collaboration and socialising with colleagues is important, however, if it works at the detriment of…

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Why Partition Walls Can Help Your Office Space

Frameless Glass Partition Wall

Why Partition Walls Can Help Your Office Space Partition walls can add to the internal design of an office, allowing for functional and modern spaces. There are various types of walls available, whether it’s wall dividers, sliding room dividers, glass partitions, high wall partitions, glazed partitions and operable walls just to give several examples. They…

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How to make your work from home ergonomically friendly

ergonomic chair in a home office

It’s no secret that the entire world is working from home, and you’re definitely not the first person to complain about the comfort of your dining room chairs and the use of your kitchen table as a home office desk. People who never thought it would be possible to work from home are now faced…

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Replacing the drab with the fab

Read how we feature in Coventry Telegraph Pure Office Solutions Ltd, designed and built a turnkey project for Emerald Group based in Warwick which features in the Coventry telegraph as one of the coolest offices in Coventry and Warwickshire. Check the link below for more information. For details on how we could revolutionise your office space…

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Open Office Concept: Pros and Cons

[slideshow_deploy id=’1923′] Research for the office environment Research has consistently shown that work environment has a lot of effect on the productivity of employees. Unfortunately there is no perfect, one size fits all, office space plan that works for everyone. Every business needs to experiment and create an office environment that works for their particular…

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