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Why now is the best time to refurbish your office

adjustable desk in warehouse office

Up and down the country, companies will be drastically re-arranging their office spaces in compliance with Covid-19 social distancing measures and to ensure the safety of their staff. The problem is that these improvised re-arrangements may affect key business attributes such as productivity, communication and staff morale. Using an office refurbishment service will create extra…

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Protective Screens. Which is Best?

social distancing screens

Pure Office Solutions guide to choosing the correct type of social distancing screen for your workplace When preparing for your staff to return to the workplace it is critical that employers assess and manage the risks of COVID-19 and take steps to keep everyone safe. Therefore, you need to think about the risks employees face…

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A Guide to Effective Office Design

Creating Your Workplace Identity The design of your office provides the opportunity to create a place of business that will maintain and enhance your corporate identity. It will enable you to showcase your priorities, values, and image to your customers. First impressions do matter so the initial visual impact of your office design will play…

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