Protective Screens. Which is Best?

social distancing screens

Pure Office Solutions guide to choosing the correct type of social distancing screen for your workplace When preparing for your staff to return to the workplace it is critical that employers assess and manage the risks of COVID-19 and take steps to keep everyone safe. Therefore, you need to think about the risks employees face…

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hitable in office kitchen

Here at Pure Office Solutions Ltd, we are office interior specialists. We have helped countless companies redesign their office areas to maximise space and productivity. When in the design stage of a new project we are regularly asked the same question…. “Do we actually need a kitchen/staff area? As most employees just eat at their…

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Top Tips of a Successful Office Fit-Out


Whether you are considering relocating to a new office or refurbishing your current work-space you are essentially investing in the future of your business. Refurbishing your new office Refurbishing and fitting out a new office can be an extremely daunting prospect, if not planned and executed properly, it can prove to be disruptive and costly.…

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Is Ergonomic Furniture worth the Hype?

The term ‘Ergonomic’ is a real buzz word in the world of office furniture but what does it even mean and is it worth all the hype? The human body is designed to be in motion, and not to be sitting for extended periods of time. Movement is imperative for spinal health, improving circulation and…

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Reduce Employee Absence in Your Business

Millions of work days are lost every year due to employee illness which costs small businesses particularly. The two main reasons are musculoskeletal disorders & stress. There are things you as the employer can do to improve the office environment & individual office workstations in order to significantly reduce this problem. Read our five tips…

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How to Ergonomically Improve your Workstation

Ergonomics is the science of human engineering & how humans relate to their job & work environment. The design of your office and workstation has a huge impact on your overall health & well being, which is why ergonomic accessories & furniture are so important for businesses. We have compiled a few easy steps to…

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A Guide to Effective Office Design

Creating Your Workplace Identity The design of your office provides the opportunity to create a place of business that will maintain and enhance your corporate identity. It will enable you to showcase your priorities, values, and image to your customers. First impressions do matter so the initial visual impact of your office design will play…

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Flexibilty is the Key Trend in Office Furniture

With office furniture, flexibility is the name of the game. More offices are moving to pen work environments & focusing on group collaboration so companies are looking for items that can be easily moved from one part of the office to another or modified to suit an employee with a different job or different work…

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The 2030 Office

What factors will shape office design over the next two decades? The British Council of Offices in conjunction with hurleypalmerflatt examine this very question in a series of films titled The Office of 2030. In the first film they ask some very crucial questions such as ‘How important is office space to the success of…

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