Choosing The Right Office Chair

Executive desk

Office chairs are available in lots of different styles and materials. It is important to consider all options before choosing the right office chair. Practicality and comfort are essential for your working environment. There is a range of choices available to suit your budget, type of work, and environment. Office Chair Options Fabric Chairs  …

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Controlling Noise with Acoustic Office Furniture

Screen D Meeting Pod

Noise is widely agreed to be the number one distraction for employees in the workplace. Although open-plan spaces are much more popular designs now, it is important to consider office acoustics and how the sound will travel through your office. Collaboration and socialising with colleagues is important, however, if it works at the detriment of…

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Why Partition Walls Can Help Your Office Space

Frameless Glass Partition Wall

Why Partition Walls Can Help Your Office Space Partition walls can add to the internal design of an office, allowing for functional and modern spaces. There are various types of walls available, whether it’s wall dividers, sliding room dividers, glass partitions, high wall partitions, glazed partitions and operable walls just to give several examples. They…

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hitable in office kitchen

Here at Pure Office Solutions Ltd, we are office interior specialists. We have helped countless companies redesign their office areas to maximise space and productivity. When in the design stage of a new project we are regularly asked the same question…. “Do we actually need a kitchen/staff area? As most employees just eat at their…

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Top design trends for 2018

grass mural

Why not make 2018 the year of change and finally get around to updating your office into something fresh and exciting. Now it is time to recognise your office space full potential. For inspiration we have some of the top design trends due in 2018. Taking the potted plant to a whole new level It is…

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5 reasons to install a feature wall in your office!

Using our office design specialists, create your personality Unique and eye catching office feature walls are a simple and cost-effective way to express the company’s personality in their office space. It’s an easy way to give the office a facelift. Using photos, company logos or slogans, you can give your office a unique atmosphere that…

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