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Ergonomic furniture

You may be in the midst of choosing commercial office fit-out furniture for your newly decorated office. Pure Office Solutions are here to inform you about ergonomic furniture and the benefits it can have on your staff. Choosing ergonomic furniture for office space will improve productivity. This will result in your business not wasting time, increasing costs, and loss of potential profits.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Ergonomic desk chairs are a good place to start. An ergonomic desk chair design incorporates an individual’s height and body shape. You are able to adjust the angle of the desk allowing the employee to find the most comfortable position. This will prevent shoulder, neck, and back problems in the future. This is important as an employee who is uncomfortable will stop numerous times throughout the day to reposition themselves to find comfort.

Some key features of the ergonomic desk chair are:

  • Adjustable lumbar and backrest support
  • Ability to add and remove head and footrests
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Five-point base

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Ergonomic office desks

Ergonomic office desks give the employee the ability to adjust the desk for optimal comfort. The ergonomic office desk will improve employee posture. It allows them to have more flexibility in how they work. They can choose whether to stand or sit whilst working. This will increasing productivity. There are many health benefits for the employees who use ergonomic office desks which include lower blood sugar levels, reduced back pain, and reduced risk of obesity.

Here at Pure Office Solutions, we supply HiRise ergonomic office desks, the key features of the desk are:

  • They are built with sturdy steel frames
  • Adjustable to 4 different heights
  • Slimline Draws
  • Ability to attach displays to both sides
  • Anti-collision and auto-reverse technology
  • Smooth movement

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Noise Level

The size of the team will directly link to the amount of noise in the office along with other influencing factors like company culture and office layout. An open-plan office will accumulate more noise than an office separated into cubicles. Noisy workspaces can increase stress levels and cause distraction resulting in less productivity amongst employees.  There are many ways for an office setting to combat noise without affecting the company’s working culture. Acoustic office furniture is one way an office can reduce noise levels.

Pure Office Solutions can assist you with a variety of different office acoustic solutions, these include:

  • Acoustic ceiling and wall insulation
  • Wall panels
  • Suspended ceiling tiles
  • Wood veneered panels
  • Baffle boards
  • Acoustic foam panels
  • Acoustic internal doors
  • Soundproof partitions
  • Carpets/flooring
  • Privacy soft seating
  • Meeting pods

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