Office LED Lighting

In previous years office lighting consisted of fluorescent technology. This was expensive to run, gave poor quality lighting and has been linked to numerous health concerns. It is surprise that we are now seeing the benefits of upgrading commercial lighting to LED light fixtures. Office LED lighting is now energy efficient which can save your business money! LED lights are available as LED bulbs and as LED tube lights and LED panel lights.

Benefits Include

  • Office LED Lighting saves businesses money - up to 75% on annual energy costs!
  • They provide a brighter, warmer, crisper light
  • High-quality lighting that doesn’t overheat or flicker
  • Improved employee productivity

There are several office lighting options available: LED tube lights, LED panel lights, GU10 bulbs for lamps or recessed lights, and emergency lighting.

Commercial office lighting is critical to get right, so, whether you want to upgrade your existing lighting, or you need lighting installed in a new project contact us today to discuss which LEDs would work best for your office and your budget.

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