How To Utilise Space Saving Office Furniture In Your Home

featured image for space saving office furniture

Do you have limited space? We have a fantastic collection space space saving office furniture to provide you with a solution, whether you work from home or in an office. This can be really helpful if you don’t have a specific room in which to set up your home office. Maintaining a clutter-free and visually…

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Importance Of Office Interior Design

Office interior design is one of our specialisms here at Pure Office Solutions

Office interior design is essential to establishing a welcoming and inspiring environment for both clients and employees. It’s crucial for your staff to feel motivated at work, which is made possible by a functional, physically appealing location that also fosters performance and efficiency. The goal is to not only create a location that promotes your…

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Choosing the Right Reception Desk

Reception desk Pure Office Solutions

A welcoming and comfortable reception area is important if you want your business to make a good first impression. A beautifully designed reception area with well-arranged furnishings and of course an elegant and sophisticated reception desk quietly impresses all visitors. Whether you’re a large business looking to showcase a stylish glass reception desk, or a small…

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Prepare Your Office for Summer

Pure Office Solutions Latest News

5 Tips to Make Your Office Summer-Ready At this time of year, you prepare your wardrobe, so why not prepare your office for Summer? The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and before you know it, Summer is here! It can be tricky keeping your staff warm in the office in Winter, but…

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Redecorate your office to see a difference in your staff and clients

Redecorated office space from Pure Office Solutions

Is it time to redecorate? Redecorate your office – Pure Office Solutions. Many of us have been working from home since the start of the pandemic, the office is a distant memory. However, the working from home order is being lifted, is it now time to think about the office? Has your office been neglected…

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Quality Products, Quality Service, Quality Solutions

Here at Pure Office Solutions, we guarantee a quality service and happy customers

Pure Office Solutions Pure Office Solutions re one of the leading independent UK Office fit-out experts and suppliers of office furniture. We are based in Leamington-spa Warwickshire but have provided our services to companies in the West Midlands and the wider area. Our products include space planning, suspended ceilings, voice and data cable management, space…

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Be Winter Ready


Office Fit Out Warwickshire | Birmingham | Nottingham Here we are again, the dark nights closing in and cold crisp mornings waking us up, winter is here. Many of us would rather snooze that alarm and stay cosy in the warmth of your own home. Don’t let that be your employees! We are here to…

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Increase productivity with office furniture


Ergonomic furniture You may be in the midst of choosing commercial office fit-out furniture for your newly decorated office. Pure Office Solutions are here to inform you about ergonomic furniture and the benefits it can have on your staff. Choosing ergonomic furniture for office space will improve productivity. This will result in your business not…

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Top Reception Furniture Pieces

HiBox office storage Pure Office Solutions

Reception furniture is arguably one of the most important items in an office space. As the first room a guest finds themselves in while waiting in a building, receptions are usually the busiest. It is in the reception areas that first impressions of an establishment are created- hence, the importance of furniture in this space…

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Maximise Your Office Layout With Space Saving Office Desks

Space saving desk example - Fliptop meeting tables

All business owners know that good office space comes at a premium. That’s why, in the current financial climate, it’s vital to be creative and resourceful with choosing the right office furniture for your business. Fitted desks and ergonomic furniture may look the part, but are they practical for your office and room sizes, your…

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