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Working from home can be difficult enough without using the dining table as a desk or your bed as a desk chair. With more than its fair share of distractions, it is important to maximise what working space is available to you with ergonomic and stylish fittings for your home office.  Pure Office Solutions are renowned for our quality office fittings and unique, bespoke designs in the office. However, we also offer a beautiful range of in-home office furniture, with state-of-the-art functions, bespoke opportunities and delivery at your convenience.

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Office Desk for Home Office

At Pure Office Solutions, we realise a desk for a home office is central to optimise your working time. Our desks come in a range of styles: from modern to more traditional wooden desks; from white to black, we offer it all. We offer a range of ergonomic desks that can alter height at the click of a button or we offer some more traditional desks that are functional but highly stylish. Our desks are all built to accommodate computers.

Office desk chair for home

Comfort can make or break productivity which is why getting the right office desk chair for home is so vital. Pure Office Solutions offer a variety of well-made chairs that favour comfort and style. For reasonable prices we can deliver your chair and install it making the process as easy as possible and reducing your stress. Our chairs also have height adjustable and other ergonomic features.

Monitor arms for desk

In a home office, you are less likely to have a state-of-the-art ergonomic desk and chair whether this is due to cost or simply a lack of space. However, as the world is slowly starting to embrace working from home, employees might be spending more time working from non-ergonomic desks and chairs. This can lead to numerous health issues and negatively impact efficiency. Monitor arms for desks are the cheaper alternative. Although no substitute for an ergonomic desk and chair, monitor arms can improve sitting position and strain on eyes. If a new desk and chair are not an option for you, why not consider investing in a monitor arm for your desk.

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