Top Reception Furniture Pieces

Reception furniture is arguably one of the most important items in an office space. As the first room a guest finds themselves in while waiting in a building, receptions are usually the busiest. It is in the reception areas that first impressions of an establishment are created- hence, the importance of furniture in this space to create a welcoming, comfortable, and charming environment.

Here at Pure Office Solutions, we offer a broad spectrum of office furniture ranging from desks, chairs, sofas to cushions, all designed to fit the standard that your office reception expects. The style of reception furniture can vary depending on individual preferences, taste and what suits your building more.

Reception Desk Furniture

At Pure Office Solutions we stock a wide range of different reception desks in all types of shapes and styles so that you can find the perfect desk to fit in with the rest of your reception furniture.

A reception desk is the usually the area where guest will have their first interaction with someone who works in the building. The right reception desk provides a warm welcome and a comfortable sitting space for staff whilst they greet those entering the building everyday. Additionally a reception desk is usually the centre piece of the room being the largest furniture piece in the room therefore it is important that it looks good, sturdy and professional as a focal point in the room.


Reception Breakout Areas

Providing a space for staff or clients to relax outside of the busy office, break out areas are designed to be both comfortable and lively in order to provide an alternative to the office desk. They also offer a comfortable greeting space for staff to meet guests or each other away from the busier zones in the office. Breakout areas are great because they come in many different shapes, styles a colour so there is plenty to pick from when choosing a breakout area for your reception space.

Storage furniture

Having storage in a reception area is important for the organisation and tidiness of a room. Reception furniture for storage such as filing cabinets, desk storage and HiBox, can add to the decoration of a reception all whilst being an effective method for storage at the same time. It’s also a great way to add subtle decoration to the room in a sleek and casual looking way. You can do this by having co ordinating furniture, colourful reception furniture and so much more.

Reception Chairs

Another great item of office furniture are reception chairs. Chairs are a great way of insuring that guests, staff, and anyone else entering the building has somewhere comfortable to sit. An inviting reception will entice people to feel more relaxed and welcome into the building. There are many different types of chairs available including executive, ergonomic chairs and even the seats that you choose to have with your breakout area.

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