Choosing The Right Office Chair

Office chairs are available in lots of different styles and materials. It is important to consider all options before choosing the right office chair. Practicality and comfort are essential for your working environment.

There is a range of choices available to suit your budget, type of work, and environment.

Office Chair Options

Fabric Chairs  

Fabric chairs are a popular and trusted choice of office chair due to them being reasonably priced. It offers numerous benefits, with comfortable padding to support when seated, it is also breathable keeping you cool.

They are also very durable and hardwearing, so able to deal with regular use for years to come with little sign of wear and tear. A fabric chair is an ideal choice for filling up modern offices as it will be an adequate option for most people.

However, the cons of fabric are that it can easily stain, and they are hard to clean once marked. Also, other materials beat fabric when comparing durability. All points worth considering when choosing an office chair.

Leather & Faux Leather Chairs

Leather and faux leather office chairs are at the higher and more luxurious end of options. You will often see these chairs in meeting rooms and executive offices.

Leather office chairs have a premium and stylish feel and are comfortable to sit on for extended periods. They are also very easy to wipe clean if items are spilled.

However, the main drawback is that executive leather chairs will attract a significantly higher cost compared to other materials. Also, they can become undesirable when the temperature changes, especially in the heat.

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Mesh Chairs

Mesh office seating is designed with a net-like breathable material on the backrest. Although they are not as luxurious as other materials such as leather, they are a good in-between hybrid option. They are still very comfortable and a great choice, especially for warmer offices where you need to maximise circulation. They are often still available at a good price point so would be a good choice if you needed to purchase multiple.

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