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Pure Office Solutions Ltd is a premier supplier of office furniture for people who demand high quality, timeless good looks and a comprehensive palette of components to meet their every need. All our furniture in designed and made to order in the UK. All our desks are available in a variety of finishes, sizes and styles to suit all budgets. Each desk has a variety of matching pieces, including, extensions, pedestals and storage cupboards.

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Bench Desks

Bench Desks are designed to utilise as much of the available space as possible by using common elements for example legs and beams. This makes them popular in open plan offices and smaller offices where space is limited. There is no limit to the overall length of a bench: add-on modules can be added to achieve any desired size. Standard top height is 735mm with fixed tops or 741mm with optional sliding tops. Bench desking is reconfigurable and can be easily added to, as and when required to adapt to your changing circumstances.

For height adjustable bench desks please see our Ergonomic Solutions section.

All our desks are available in a variety of finishes, sizes and styles to suit all budgets.

Cable Management In Bench Desks

Comprehensive cable management is provided as standard, with vertical risers in the end frames/panels and in the intermediate power towers. Horizontal cabling is carried underneath desk tops in integral high capacity cable trays, where sockets may be placed, and excess cable concealed.

The option of sliding tops on our bench desks allow access to a large cable tray, where sockets can be placed, and excess cable concealed. Sliding tops may be locked closed if desired to prevent unauthorized access.

Desk mounted power/data may also be provided to give instant plug-in access whilst still allowing the tops to slide. Each end frame/end panel incorporates cable risers as standard and intermediate frames/ panels may have cable risers as an option – allowing great flexibility as to where cables enter.

Free Standing Desks

Pure Office Solutions Ltd offer a huge choice of different desk shapes and sizes, enabling you to find the very best solution for any given application. Available on both metal frames and panel ends. Metal frames are available in White, Slate and Zinc.

Our desk portfolio includes:


Available in 800mm to 2000mm wide

Corner desks are available 1400mm to 2000mm wide, with a return side measuring 1200mm.

May be used individually, but more usually in clusters of three or six. The workstation versions incorporate an integral pedestal to left or right.

Meeting Desks

Specialised desks with a shaped top and no modesty panel (so people can sit comfortably on both sides) with an integral pedestal. Available in 1500mm and 1700mm widths. Ideal for customer-facing application such as estate agencies or car sales showrooms, for discussions between the user and one or two visitors. Cables may be routed through the pedestal as standard to minimise cable clutter. The standard tapered legs may be replaced with a single Polished Chrome pedestal base if preferred.

Cable Management In Freestanding Desks

All freestanding desks have 80mm diameter cable ports in the tops, either in Zinc, White or Slate plastic, or optionally in Polished Chrome.

Metal frame desks incorporate vertical cable management within the frames and can route cables between adjacent desks as standard: panel end desks may have vertical cable management on the inside of the panel ends and cable pass-through ports as options.

Cable trays may be fitted to the inside of modesty panels to provide horizontal cable routing and support for sockets. Flexible cable spines provide an additional option for vertical cable routing and desktop mounted sockets can be specified to provide instant access to power and data connections.

Pedestals (Drawer Units)

For use adjacent to or under desks and tables. All pedestals incorporate side drawer pulls and may optionally be fitted with any of three handle styles. All drawers are fitted with heavy duty ball bearing 100% extension runners.

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