Bench desks have become a popular desk choice for many different businesses and industries. The desks are attached together to create one long workspace, where employees can sit in order to complete their work.

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Bench desks are an affordable desk solution for business owners. Their size allows the desk to be split with dividing screens and therefore workspace can be created for two employees from one desk. This is an effective way of maximising space and increasing communication as employees can be strategically placed in order to promote productivity and efficient working.

Ambus Bench

Office layout

The layout of your office is important for a number of reasons one being, to allow for easy communication and teamwork among members of your workforce. As you can place employees within their departments, you can ensure tasks are completed effectively and at a controlled pace.

Bench desks can also allow you to place senior and junior staff together in order to help with training and progression. This will be beneficial to your company as you can ensure new staff get the correct amount of support at the beginning.

A third reason why bench desks benefit your office layout is due to their use of space. With bench desks, you can make the most of the space you have available and therefore reduce clutter and promote better organisation, which is ideal for businesses with a clean desk policy.


Bench desks allow you to add and remove desks without affecting the layout of your current office. This allows the bench desks to adapt to your business and workforce especially when needing to react quickly to staff numbers.

Bench Desks at Pure Office Solutions

At Pure Office Solutions, we supply a wide range of desks including space-saving desks and bench desks. For more information on our bench desks, you can browse our bench desks here today and contact one of our helpful team members on 01926 468 668.

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