Here at Pure Office Solutions Ltd, we are office interior specialists. We have helped countless companies redesign their office areas to maximise space and productivity. When in the design stage of a new project we are regularly asked the same question….

“Do we actually need a kitchen/staff area? As most employees just eat at their desk”

What employers do not realise is that the most important place in their office is not the desk areas or the meeting rooms, it is the areas staff can relax and take a proper break away from their desks. That’s why an office kitchenette is so important.


We all want to maximise staff productivity. The old-fashioned view of this is to have everyone ‘chained’ to their desks’ but this outdated view can be more damaging than productive.

Constantly looking at a screen is mentally challenging, if you want your staff to perform consistently it is vital, they can take regular breaks. Time away from their desk gives employees the chance to stretch, destress, refresh and interact with others – particularly other members from different teams. You will be surprised what new radical ideas are thought up over a cup of coffee.

A kitchen/staff area is the perfect place to promote a healthier and more balanced workforce. By providing an area where workers feel comfortable, they will feel more motivated. When they do reach the end of their break and go back to their desk, they will feel fresh, which in turn will make productivity go up.

If you are a business looking to attract and retain the very best workforce, a key consideration is how you take care of your employees. This says a lot about you as a company than you may think. In today’s working world people will have different expectations of what they want from their employer. Providing a stagnant office space which does not promote collaborative working and relaxation will not be attractive to prospective employees.   


In a perfect world we would all have offices with oodles of space; however, this is not the reality for a lot of companies. The important thing to remember is the size of your kitchen/staff area is not important. If you cannot dedicate vast areas of prime workspace, we can help you implement compact but functional solutions. A small kitchenette with a few bar stools is perfectly adequate. Maybe you have an area a small sofa and coffee table could be installed or even a high back meeting pod which could also be used for small team/client meetings.

Meeting Pod - Blue


So, are kitchen/staff areas necessary? If you want to get the most out of your staff, then the answer will always be YES! No matter how big or small it will make a big difference.

If you are unsure how or where to implement an area in your office then give us a call, our design team are on hand to help. No budget is too small.

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