Is Ergonomic Furniture worth the Hype?

The term ‘Ergonomic’ is a real buzz word in the world of office furniture but what does it even mean and is it worth all the hype?

The human body is designed to be in motion, and not to be sitting for extended periods of time. Movement is imperative for spinal health, improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. Ergonomic office furniture is designed to encourage users to move regularly and vary posture which in turn can boost productivity.

What does Ergonomic mean?

The dictionary definition of ergonomic translates to – the study of the relationship between workers and their environment, especially the equipment they use.

What are the benefits of Ergonomic furniture?

Here at Pure Office Solutions we have a vast portfolio of ergonomic solutions in the form of seating and height adjustable desks. There are many benefits to your workforce which are detailed below:

Ergonomic Seating

The office chair is the most frequently used piece of office furniture. In today’s working environment more of us than ever use computers as our primary work equipment, all day, every working day. For this reason alone, the humble office chair is receiving a great deal of attention.

Persistent computer use has been linked to several types of injuries also known as ‘Upper Extremity Repetitive Stress Injuries’, ‘Cumulative Trauma Disorders’, or ‘Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders’.  These are directly linked to ailments arising in arms, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers as well as the neck, lower back and legs.

The most common form of ‘Cumulative Trauma Disorders’ in association with consistent computer use include ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’, ‘Tendinitis’, and ‘Tenosynovitis’ which directly effects the hands, wrists, and forearms as well as ‘Neck Tension Syndrome’.

Ergonomic seating is specially designed to offer maximum support to help combat injuries sustained due to poor posture. Thus, making your workforce more productive and able to stay at their desks longer without having to move or stretch. You can see why Ergonomic furniture has become so important to the health of your workforce.

What is the Solution?

With the ergonomic approach, sitting is viewed as a specific, specialised activity which is directly influenced by the way a person interacts within their workstation, and the specific tasks they perform there.

We believe in “Movement where it matters”. We offer a choice of mechanisms to suit different needs, preferences and budgets. Our well-designed seating delivers movement, adjustability and comfort allowing the user to sit in a balanced stance keeping the spine in a natural position, as well as offering adjustable lumbar support thereby aiding proper back support for the individual needs of the user.

We offer our customers the choice of pivot seating which encourages the user to flex their ankles when tilting back, thus activating the ‘secondary heart’ in the feet and lower legs, which aids blood circulation and helps prevent blood pooling in the lower limbs while seated. Or, synchro mechanisms where the back reclines at twice the rate of the seat, opens the angle at the hips when reclining. As well as mechanisms which allow the angle between seat and back to be adjusted, this makes for a ‘lively’ chair that responds more instantaneously to changes in pressure on the backrest and seat.

Some other mandatory features of our ergonomic seating include:

  • Height Adjustable
  • Seat Height Adjustable
  • Adjustable Backrest and Lumbar Support
  • Optional Head or Foot rests
  • Adjustable Seat depth
  • Five-point base as standard for optimal Stability
  • Adjustable arm rests.

Ergonomic Desks

Alternating between a sitting and standing position is critical for us to keep our bodies healthy and prevent illness. Regular movement adjusts the amount of load being put on the body. The process of standing makes your burn three times as many calories compared to just sitting alone.

Regular standing reduces back pain as pressure on the invertebrate discs of the lower back is significantly reduced compared to when we sit unsupported.

In a recent study of 800,000 found that people who sat the longest had a 112% increased risk of type 2 diabetes, a 147% increase in cardiovascular problems and a 90% increase in death from heart attack and stroke.

Last year a study of 2,000 people by the Medical College of Wisconsin found that sitting for more of the day increases fatty deposits in the arteries, regardless of how much exercise was taken.

These are worrying statistics.

What is the solution?

Our electric height adjustable desk and meeting table range, offers the flexibility to work the way you want at the height you want. At the touch of a button you can move quickly and effortlessly between sitting and standing positions.

A soft start/stop avoids any jerky movement, while anti-collision programming guards against accidental injury or damage.

Sensing an obstruction, an automatic cut-off stops and reverses the top. Ganging brackets for uniform anti-trap safety spacing are available for double bench desks.

Designed with durability in mind and virtually noiseless. Our adjustable desks combine precision construction and anti-vibration top mountings with a smooth-running mechanism incorporating needle roller bearings.

To Conclude

So, is ergonomic furniture worth the hype? in our opinion, yes, it most definitely is. The countless number of health benefits which comes from ergonomically designed furniture out ways conventional office furniture.

With more studies taking place into the health risks of sitting for prolonged periods of time it is becoming clear that this is an issue which should not be taken lightly.

To discuss how we can provide ergonomic furniture in your office space please contact us on 01926 468 668.