Top design trends for 2018

Why not make 2018 the year of change and finally get around to updating your office into something fresh and exciting. Now it is time to recognise your office space full potential.

For inspiration we have some of the top design trends due in 2018.

Taking the potted plant to a whole new level

It is time to move on from the lonely potted plant in the corner of the office and embrace something far more exciting. We are talking about entire ‘living’ walls and room dividers or even indoor greenhouses and gardens. The idea has been derived from the concept that staff feel calmer, more creative and healthier in a natural green environment.

office with grass mural

Add some texture to the minimalist

The minimalist office design has been very popular. Clean lines, neutral, no fuss, no mess. However, not everyone feels the same way, some people even go as far to say it provokes feelings of a bleak and clinical environment which is not very inspiring.

The new concept for 2018 is to introduce a more playful side to the minimalist look with the use of texture. Textures can heighten the sensory elements of a room. By texture we are talking about sheepskin chair throws, textured wall panels, woven rugs and handmade baskets.

One of the hottest texture trends you will be seeing in 2018 is cement! No longer relegated to the outdoor, cement is now moving inside homes, restaurants and offices. The light colouring mixed with a pop of colour creates a stunning look that truly stands out.

Think unconventional…

Wave goodbye to your stuffy boardroom, say adios to your conservative office layout. We are now talking about unconventional working areas, imagine a conference room complete with sofas, bean bags and a much more relaxed atmosphere. We want open spaces and collaborative working. We want a real sense of cohesion and an environment that encourages new ideas from talented people. This does indeed sound like a magical place!

>quaint, light office

Explore colours…. but keep it simple

With the release of Pantone Home + Interiors 2018 kit a new and exciting colour palette is now at your fingertips.

The purpose is to inspire and ensure you are on the right colour path for 2018 with colours breaking free from traditional thinking. Colours have been revitalised, hues are mixed in novel combinations, and new colour directions express a fresh approach.

The key is not to go ‘nuts’ and paint every wall in your office a different colour but to introduce colour through a careful placement of storage pieces, fabrics or an accent wall.

Not all of us are born interior designers so the Pantone kit will help you pick colours which complement each other and bring the look together with eight individual palettes each containing four or five colour harmony options.

ergonomic lights

Pure Office Solutions have everything you need to help you design a modern and vibrant office space. We are not saying everything detailed above is achievable for everyone but we can certainly take elements of the trends to create something truly unique and special. It does not have to be expensive either, you will be amazed what a difference a fresh lick of paint, a feature wall and some accent pieces will make to any office space.

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