Controlling Noise with Acoustic Office Furniture

Noise is widely agreed to be the number one distraction for employees in the workplace. Although open-plan spaces are much more popular designs now, it is important to consider office acoustics and how the sound will travel through your office. Collaboration and socialising with colleagues is important, however, if it works at the detriment of other team members, an office re-design needs to be considered.

The lack of walls and partitions can lead to elevated levels of noise, especially if phones are used regularly. Protecting employees from unwanted distraction and disruptive noise will pay off in their productivity time whilst at work.

Acoustic Office Furniture

How does noise impact the workplace?

A study into workplace ergonomics found that 99% of workers reported that their concentration at work was impacted by office noise, mentioning people talking and phones ringing loudly as the main factors.

Studies like these demonstrate the frustration that employees can feel with their workspace. This will massively impact the cost of lost work time on business and may also partly contribute to staff turnover.

Invest in Office Acoustic Furniture to reduce noise

Office acoustics can be controlled via sound absorption and insulation. Sound absorption is improved by having efficient materials to control the noise. Hard services such as wood and concrete make general office noise more prominent. Sound insulation is improved by limiting sound leakage from openings in walls, floors and doors.

To reduce this, we offer many different solutions to improve the noise level, including wall insulation, soundproof partitions and wall panels. We also recommend adding Acoustic office furniture, which is excellent at absorbing sound. Meeting pods, and specially designed privacy soft seating using selected materials can be positioned to minimise sound across the office. It also helps maximise space and create designated spaces for work, meetings, and social time.

Let Us Help You Design a Perfect Work Environment

Choosing office acoustic furniture that helps employees maximise productivity, privacy and comfort are key. Pure Office Solutions will work with you to understand the needs of your office environment, contact us today.

Acoustic Office Furniture
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