Why Partition Walls Can Help Your Office Space

Why Partition Walls Can Help Your Office Space

Partition walls can add to the internal design of an office, allowing for functional and modern spaces. There are various types of walls available, whether it’s wall dividers, sliding room dividers, glass partitions, high wall partitions, glazed partitions and operable walls just to give several examples. They can be permanent or temporary, or even moveable if you want that in your office. 

But what are the specific advantages to partition walls and could your office benefit from installing them? Well, read on and you might find yourself ordering one very soon.

Frameless Glass Partition Wall

Efficiency in cost and time

If you are looking to increase your office by creating more spaces or adding workstations if you have an influx in employees, expanding the office can be very expensive. Your business may already be on a tight budget, especially after the effects of this year. Partition walls are a cost-effective alternative and can be easily changed if you decide it isn’t working for your office. The same can’t be said for building a permanent wall.

Partition walls also require less disruption to install, making them more time-efficient for employees, who won’t need to move around or work out of the office whilst building work is done.

Better privacy

Open-plan offices can be great for communication but sometimes it is hard to concentrate on work when you can hear everything going on around you. Partition walls will retain the acoustics of your own space and reduce noise from elsewhere. Particularly useful if you want confidential conversations, say for management teams.  

If you have a moveable partition wall, there is the option to open it up, allowing others to have access to you. So, private when you need to be, but this does not have to be a permanent change.


The variations of walls available mean you can give your office spaces a unique look. There’s steel, aluminium, glass and composite for example. These showcase the office in a stylish light, making your business more appealing to prospective clients.

Covid-19 Regulations

Many offices are opening back up again after months of employees working from home. Of course, to be able to ensure the safety of workers and comply with the regulations, there must be social distancing in the office, including spreading desks out and creating segregated areas for departments.

This may be the perfect opportunity to introduce partition walls into your office, to ensure staff are separated and your business is sticking to regulations.      

If you have any questions about partition walls or want information about the partition walls we offer at Pure Office Solutions, please call us on 01926 468 668.   

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