Suspended & False Ceilings

Both suspended and false ceilings sit below the roof of your building, concealing messy wires, and making your roof look more appealing. Aside from this, these secondary ceilings can have all kinds of benefits, depending on the type you choose. With features ranging from something as simple as a preference for better acoustics to increased fire protection or energy efficiency.

Suspended and False Ceilings: What’s the Difference?

If both can cover up untidy cables, what exactly is the difference between false and suspended ceilings? Pure Office Solutions Ltd will advise you and ensure your ceilings are up to scratch.

Suspended ceilings are an entire secondary ceiling and are probably the ceiling you’re most familiar with. The ceiling tiles cover the entire roof and achieve the appearance of a singular surface. To maintain this illusion suspension wires and metal channels work together to make a grid that supports the tiles.

False ceilings work differently. As they are suspended from the roof by visible supports the sides of these tiles are open, and you can even choose to have gaps between them and different heights. Plus, since the tiles can either come as separate singular units or groups of tiles, they offer more flexibility in deciding the area you wish to cover as well as the design aspect.

Suspended ceiling installed
Suspended ceiling completed

What Can False and Suspended Ceilings Do?

Both suspended and false ceilings have several benefit rights of their own. The main appeal of such ceilings is that wires and electrical cabling can be concealed with a more attractive surface. But our products offer much more than just this single benefit. False and suspended ceilings also help with acoustics, absorbing excess sound and ensuring better sound quality overall.

However, false and suspended ceilings are not created equally and there are some features unique to each type. As suspended ceilings maintain the neat appearance of a single-level roof they cover the entirety of the infrastructure of the building, which makes a building feel safe and warm. The overall reduction of ceiling space can also help reduce energy costs and makes it much quicker (and therefore cheaper) to heat or cool the entire area.

Although false ceilings also reduce energy costs, they do this in a very different way. The reduced ceiling height offers better temperature control due to heat insulation and better airflow for air-conditioning. Being able to see how the ceiling is reduced can also impact the atmosphere of your space, creating a space that feels comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere can be customised to suit your requirements on how you want the space to work. False ceilings offer the flexibility of style.

We want your office to be perfect for you, check out our brochures to see the range of services and designs we offer.

Undecided Which Ceiling Is Right for You?

The features you need your ceiling to include with any extra features that may benefit your building will likely inform your decision on which option is better for you. If it’s still hard to choose between suspended and false ceilings, you may decide depending on the atmosphere you’re hoping to create or what may keep your staff both happy and healthy.

But, if you still can’t decide, don’t worry! That’s exactly what we’re here for. Whatever you’re looking for, no matter your budget, we have the knowledge to help. Our team at Pure Office Solutions will support you right from initial consultation to final design. We help you find the option that’s right for you. Our goal is for you to walk away happy with the bespoke ceiling option we’ve developed with you. So don’t hesitate to get in touch today and let one of our dedicated design managers assist you.

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