20 ways the Reception makes good impression

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Persuading A Potential Client

Within seconds of entering your office, potential clients make up their minds about you and your company. In a glance, they instantly decide how trustworthy you are, if you’re broke, in the money and at times if you’re good enough to do business with.

From offering a welcoming smile to sprucing your space up with lush plants, to lighting up your logo to offering free Wi-Fi, here are 20 ways you can make a positive, lasting first impression with your office reception.

1) Branded Sweets

2) Smile & be friendly

3) Highlight your company charity

4) Branded pens to take away

5) Natural Lighting – Gives a feeling of space and reassurance

6) Big & bold (real) plants – Shows you can take care of things

7) Go for durable furniture – It will last and not easily scuff

8) Display art – This will help to convey intelligence and add a calm influence

9) Water & tea – To keep visitors refreshed

10) Disabled access – Do you have disabled access?

11) Regulatory info – Such as fire exit signs

12) Lighting – Lighting such as spot lighting can add a sophisticated look and highlight your company logo

13) Light up your logo or have branding manifestations on partitioning and doors

14) Suitable desk height  – A high desk can be intimidating

15) WIFI details visible – ready for impromptu meetings

16) Industry & company literature

17) Show off your awards

18) 24 hour news TV – Shows your keeping up with latest trends

19) Branded material on show – Gives your company a professional feel

20) Display your social media names – This entices your guests to follow you

Need help with your reception area? We understand the impact that a well-designed reception can have on your potential and existing clients. They give you the chance to portray your company’s image, right from the start.

With this in mind we at Pure Office Solutions offer a full design consultation and supply service offering many different styles of reception counters, seating and interiors from the ultra-modern to the elegant and traditional.

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