Quick tips on choosing the right carpet for your office

We know that carpet flooring is one of those things that a lot of people take for granted when doing an office refurbishment. Often people just think it’s a quick pick but it’s one of those decisions that requires some careful thought. Make the right decision and you have a great investment that will last for years but make the wrong one and you are stuck with a reminder of what a poor investment you made. We follow these tips from the experts and now we are sharing them with you!

Number 1 – Budget

Decide how much you want to spend and stick to your budget. Make sure that it is realistic and factor in the extras such as fitting and underlays.

Number 2 – Colours

Play close attention to what you are trying to achieve as a whole. Take note of the existing or new colour scheme, wall and furniture colours etc. Carpeting should not clash with everything else in your office but rather blend and complement the environment. Dark colours generally work with neutral shade walls and likewise, lighter carpets go well with darker walls. Just bear in mind that light coloured carpets get dirty more easily than darker ones.

Number 3 – Materials

Examine the traffic that the carpet has to endure. High traffic areas which are constantly walked on will require a hard wearing material. Some establishments however will need to pass some tests before getting fitted so bear this in mind during the planning stage.

Number 4 – Swatches

Ask for a swatch sample whenever possible so you can test out the materials and colour match to your office. View the swatches in different lighting conditions such as next to window and a shaded dark area in the room.

Number 5 – Tiles or rolls

Commercial carpets are supplied in either tiles or rolls. Rolls are great for covering large areas and will look a lot tidier. Tile carpets usually come square and offer great flexibility especially if you have numerous plug sockets in the floor area.

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