How to make office furniture work for your company

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When Looking At Office Refurbishment For Your Work Space

These days more and more employees have to work overtime due to the increased demands of work. Employees who want to maintain their working life from home life will often to choose to spend an extra hour or two in the office to finish their work. Whilst the reason they are putting all these extra hours is the increasing workload for your growing company, it is worth considering whether the office layout is slowing down employee productivity, contributing to the need to work those extra hours. One common example is when someone is uncomfortable, has hearing problems or has anxiety due to open office design, that person might take twice as long to complete tasks. Another example is when there is only one conference room available for meetings, brain storming sessions, which speed up communication and are where a lot of decisions are made, can be delayed. Often this results in slowing down entire teams giving them extra pressure to work longer to get things moving. This is the point where most companies would look at undergoing office refurbishment.

Have a good observation around your office. List down heavy traffic areas, limited space or access, bottlenecks of productivity, lack of comfort or resources. Identify what are the exact needs or problems for each room.

More often than not, the need for “smart” office layouts are starting to increase as business processes change.

To help you move your office along towards the modern demands of your teams, we have listed the four possible options to consider.

 Adjustable Height Desks

The two main advantages of height adjustable desks: Smart use of space and it contributes to the overall health of employees. There are more than enough studies that showed sitting at desks for so many hours at a time can cause back and neck problems, long-term health complications, circulation issues and joint pain.

An employee may choose to continue their work at a bar-height café table in the breakout lounge to make themselves more comfortable than report to Health and safety officer that a change is needed for their workstations. Employees should always be reminded that ergonomics and employee health are important to the company. Also, work environment requests should be encouraged.

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Acoustic Furniture

In an open office layout, concentrating on a mentally-tasking job can be quite stressful as you’re dealing with music, telephone calls, impromptu desk-side meetings and maybe even ping-pong table matches. This is especially for introverts who have to finish tasks in an extrovert-designed work place. Acoustic office furniture can be the most practical solution for this. It promotes concentration, additional collaborative work spaces and encourage brainstorming meetings. From wall panels to “designer” thinking caves, these padded, soft solutions are designed to absorb noise and give that “cocooning” feeling. Acoustic furniture is available in all ranges of colours, sizes and modular pieces to match your specific office and employee needs.

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Boardroom Tables with Smart Tech

Nobody ever gets excited with purchasing a new boardroom table. They’re heavy, they’re big, they’re expensive and quite often, it requires custom space. People who makes a decision to purchase them a.k.a. the bosses don’t put them very high up on their priority list even though they are a major staple to most commercial spaces.

The correct boardroom table will be one of the best investment company can make. Since a lot of major deals and decisions are made over boardroom meetings, save some time by having a power and data plug right in front of everyone instead of everyone trying to cram in one corner to plug their laptop in. Smart boardroom tables can have power and data cables – even lighting- built in. This means Wi-Fi Hotspots, conference speakers, extra monitors and laptops, as well as mobile phone chargers are all within reach.

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Filing and Storage Systems

Filing cabinets or storage are never a sexy business. Let’s admit it, we are more interested on that “must-have” chair that parks itself or that smart desk that goes up and down at a touch of a button.

Organized filing and storage saves a lot of time and can even lower employee stress-levels especially new hires. When you have a sleek, beautiful and systematic storage system, people are more likely to work with care and enthusiasm.

If you still have that squeaky, chunky 5 drawer filing cabinet in every single corner you can find in the office, it is probably worth to bring in a new concept of a filing system. There are plenty of options out there. From tambour cupboards, roll away carts to personal filing system, when considering an office refurbishment, you will find there is something out there for everyone.

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If you need to refurbish your office workspace, Pure Office Solutions Ltd offers a space planning solution to cater for your needs. Call our office on 01926 468668 to see how we can help you.