Why now is the time to refurbish your office

Up and down the country, companies will be drastically re-arranging their office spaces in compliance with Covid-19 social distancing measures and to ensure the safety of their staff. The problem is that these improvised re-arrangements may affect key business attributes such as productivity, communication and staff morale. Using an office refurbishment service will create extra space in your office to ensure safety, whilst not only maintaining these key attributes, but improving them. 

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 Take advantage of less staff in the office

Whilst some companies are having a staggered return to offices, many will be operating a work-from-home policy for staff until at least the end of 2020. There may never be a better time to refurbish your office without affecting the working environment of your employees. The timescale for an office refurbishment can vary from weeks to months, so use this time away from the office wisely, or you may regret it in the future when you do not have several months free. With the extra freedom allowed to office refurbishment companies due to fewer office workers, they can incorporate bolder ideas, with an increased focus on creating an office tailor-made to your business needs.  

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How office refurbishments can help your business

Unfortunately, most offices are not tailor-made. Companies often make-do with the space their given, without realising that this could be hindering their business. A refurbishment can create more specifically placed meeting rooms (especially useful if you have larger staff numbers), open layouts to increase inclusivity, and tables fitted to the room that allow social distancing whilst improving communication amongst team members. These changes will not only improve work for current employees but also provide an attractive working environment for prospective employees; generally speaking, the easier it is to speak to colleagues and understand the work, the more you will enjoy the work, therefore increasing productivity. 

Which refurbishment company is best for you?

Commercial office refurbishment is a competitive market. Particularly, as mentioned before, with many offices using the out-of-office time to get work done. So, you want a refurbishment company that will provide a unique and honest approach, one that gets to the heart of your business. At Pure Office Solutions, we will assign you a design manager to assist throughout the process, along with 3D renders of your future workplace, producing a realistic understanding of the completed office and whether it will work for your business and staff requirements, as well as complying with Covid-19 safety guidelines. 

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