Office Reception Desks

Office Reception Desks give your company a first-impression visual representation because they are one of the first things customers see when they enter an establishment. Therefore, not only should they be useful and appealing, but they should be hardwearing and designed to fit the curves and edges of an office. Here at Pure Office Solutions, we specialise in providing our customers with a large range of office reception desks that can be designed around you.

Importance of Having Office Reception Desks

Having adequate office reception desks can emphasise a company's professionalism while also serving as a fashionable and comfortable location for receptionists to sit while at work. While waiting for a meeting, guests can learn more about your company's history and culture in the reception area, and your employees will benefit from the welcoming atmosphere of your reception area because they will feel valued as employees.

Our furniture promotes the idea of your company, and we have a variety of office reception desks to meet your needs.

We provide office reception desks here at Pure Office Solutions that are designed to be aesthetic and hard wearing
All our office reception desks are designed to fit any office space and can be bespoke to your interiors here at Pure Office Solutions

Office Reception Desks At Pure Office Solutions

Pure Office Solutions guarantees that our pricing will not be matched! If you find a lower price, please let us know and we will match it with our large range of beautifully made, elegant, and BRAND NEW office reception desks! Moreover, as a leading office furniture supplier, all our stock is constructed to the highest standards and come in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials to ensure durability and longevity. To see our items, please click here.

We specialise in selling high-quality furniture to customers all across the UK, and we work to your specifications to ensure that you obtain not just reception desks, but also seats, home office, storage, tables, and screens.

All our office reception desks are designed to fit any office space and can be bespoke to your interiors here at Pure Office Solutions

What To Look For When Buying Office Reception Desks


We always advise that finding the right office reception desk for your office can create a warm yet aesthetic space for both employees, clients and customers, and is the first thing people see when they walk into your space. What to look for when looking for the right desk can include;

Storage Area: An office reception desk is usually used to store documents regarding the company and its clients. Making sure a welcome desk has enough storage space for your purposes will result in a neat, uncluttered atmosphere. You will also need to examine the size of your company and how much storage you will require. If you require additional storage after purchasing your reception desk, Pure Office Solutions offers add-ons.

Design: When selecting a style, it is critical that your required office reception desks reflect the attitude and stature of your organisation. Should it be slim and trendy? Or is it better to be bigger and more basic? Consider the message you want first-time visitors to your business to take away. This will make it easier to narrow down a search.

Size: It is critical to measure the space before purchasing welcome desks. Of course, this appears to be common knowledge. However, if you ensure that staff can comfortably operate behind the desk, move about it, and that there is enough space between it and the waiting area, you'll know you've made an informed decision.

We Also Offer Bespoke Office Furniture

As office design specialists, we understand the need to provide our customers with impressive office furniture and design to be proud of. With our office reception desks, we ensure they not only suit your space but also act as functional furniture pieces.

Not every workplace is rectangular or square. If you are leasing a roof space or have an older office space, the design and qualities may seem out of place. Standard furniture may not be the ideal option in this situation because it does not suit the area appropriately and creates awkward working angles. For example, if you choose bespoke office furniture, you may design it to properly match your workstation, eliminating any unused space and unpleasant angles.

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