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Office heating is a necessity to keep the space appropriately ventilated and temperature regulated. Especially within commercial properties, investing in appropriate office heating is important in order to keep employees and visitors in a comfortable setting. We all know there is nothing worse than sitting at a desk and having to endure cold temperatures: it makes for an uncomfortable working environment and can be detrimental to the productivity and enjoyment that staff should feel when they are working. This is where we can help here at Pure Office Solutions.

Importance Of Office Heating

According to the 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations, a workplace's minimum temperature should be around 16 degrees. Although these recommendations are only advisory in nature and not legally binding, employers nonetheless owe it to their staff who work in offices to have comfortable surroundings and appropriate office heating implemented.

Research shows that maintaining a pleasant temperature in offices would also boost creativity and productivity. This is in addition to keeping workers comfortable. Additionally, a study from Cornell University shows that cold temperatures in the workplace increase errors and add 10% more to a worker's hourly wage.

How Office Spaces Will Benefit From Our Office Heating

Investing in well-maintained and appropriately installed office heating and bespoke office furniture can have major benefits for businesses and employees, including:


Improve staff well-being and performance: As a company, it's crucial to offer your team a comfortable working environment if they spend a lot of time indoors. Therefore, if a workplace is too hot or too cold, it will have an impact on your employees' well-being and productivity. Employees who work in an atmosphere that is too cold may become disoriented and uncomfortable, which will hinder their ability to concentrate and perform well. Our office heating units are capable of giving workers a consistent environment whenever they need it.


More energy efficient: Every business must find ways to cut costs, therefore having an effective heating system is crucial. Buying a new, more effective heating system could help you save money over time if your current one is outdated and becoming unreliable. A new office heating system could significantly increase the building's efficiency and result in cost savings depending on the size and form of your structure. Win, Win!


Customer satisfaction: If consumers frequent your establishment, you must give them a relaxing and friendly environment. If your establishment is too cold, no potential consumer will want to stay long enough to buy from you or hire your services. This is readily accomplished by providing warmth during the colder months with our office heating which will make the consumer feel at home and encourage them to spend more time at your business.

We provide office heating to keep your working environment warm and comfortable for employees and customers

Value For Money Office Heating With Pure Office Solutions


The higher the quality of the office heating system, the more value you will get for your money. A higher-quality heating system has significantly fewer odds of failing when it's most needed compared to an outdated or damaged system that needs repairs. A well-maintained heating system will not only require fewer repairs over time, but it will also protect the building because dampness may cause harm to a space if it is left to become chilly.

We Only Supply World Leading Office Heating To Our Customers


For the office and industrial sector, Pure Office Solutions offers Deikin and Mitsubishi air conditioning / heat pump, energy-efficient climate control, VRV (VRF) systems, from design and installation through upkeep and repair.

We exclusively work with the best international suppliers of heating, cooling, ventilation, and climate control systems for buildings. Whatever your requirements or application, we have the perfect answer for you, and it just might make all the difference in the world.

All our office heating units are made by industry leaders such as Mitsubishi and Deikin. Shop today at Pure Office Solutions

Can Also Cool You Down In The Summer!

Our commercial air conditioning units provide year-round climate management for a relaxing and effective working environment since they not only regulate interior building temperature and office heating but also movement, humidity, cleanliness, and ventilation. Therefore, there’s no need to purchase an air conditioning unit alongside our office heating, as our units provide cool air for those warm summer days. Click here for more.

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Check out why else we can provide you with you properly kit out your office space with high quality and stylish furniture and services, only at Pure Office Solutions.

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