Office Furniture Northampton


If you’re looking for office furniture Northampton, you are in the right place with Pure Office Solutions. We offer a wide range of office furniture in Northampton catering to all sectors of an office facility. This includes, desks, chairs, reception furniture, storage solutions and much more. We provide office furniture for office interior design and even home offices.

Desks for Office Furniture Northampton

We provide high quality, suitable and aesthetically pleasing desks for office furniture Northampton. Our stock includes a wide range of desks that are suitable for all purposes including reception desks, free standing desks, meeting desks, and many other options that are perfect for all kinds of office environments. The right office desk is important to ensure that whoever is spending a large variety of their day at the desk is comfortable and happy with the type of desk they have. There are various features each desk can have to make them better in little ways – for example, you can add variations of draws and cupboards or extra leg room to accommodate to whatever is best for the user. We understand that comfort and attractiveness are two important components to choosing office furniture and so we aim to supply a selection so we have the right piece for any type of customer.

Curved reception counter

Bespoke Storage Solutions.

Bespoke storage solutions from Pure Office Solutions

Another great variety we offer for office furniture Northampton is bespoke storage solutions. Storage solutions are an essential item for any office space. We have a fabulous selection of office storage including bookcases, filing cabinets and many others…see our selection here. Our furniture also comes in a range of styles with different wood kinds and colours. Storage solutions are useful for many different things including holding documentation folders, decoration pieces, technology items and more.

Pure office solutions offer a wide range of services that includes fitting and assembling of office furniture to suit your space. See about our delivery and installation service here.

Reception Furniture

Every office needs the right reception area and furniture is the perfect way to enhance the way your office looks is with the right reception furniture. All our office reception desks, reception counters and breakout furniture has been carefully selected to offer visitors a sleek and modern welcome to your office – a great first impression to those first entering your building.  As the first room visitors entering when coming into your building, its important to set a warm and inviting ambience, this can be achieved through carefully selected furniture. For example, we offer office furniture Northampton including reception desks, breakout areas, comfortable seating, socialising spaces and more.

Fulcrum reception counter

If you are interested in purchasing office furniture for your office, get in touch with us today or browse our services and products that are distributed across our page.