7 Reasons why you should choose a Suspended Ceiling for your new office!

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Using Suspended Ceilings

1.       Easy Installation.

Suspended Ceiling installation is a time and cost-effective project that requires simple tools.

2.       Wide Variety of Design Choices.

Suspended Ceilings nowadays come in a wide range of styles, textures and colours to suit your corporate branding. From Corporate environment to traditional office to a fun and funky collaboration area, there is a style for every space.

3.       Easy Access to Systems.

No one likes to see clutter of wiring, plumbing and networking cables and other mechanical systems. Having a suspended ceiling hides all these but also helps to make it easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.

4.       Moisture Resistance.

Suspended ceilings are manufactured to be resistant to moulds, mildew and bacteria. It can even be used in high humidity areas such as bathrooms.

5.       Sound Absorption.

Suspended ceilings offer acoustic properties to absorb sound so surrounding rooms are quieter.

6.       Better Consumption of Energy

Suspended Ceilings have insulating properties and may help lower heating or cooling bills. White ceiling panels also help create a brighter space for optimum light reflection and as a result, reduction in the need for additional lighting.

7.       Reduced Carbon Footprint

Suspended ceiling panels are made from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial products.

Useful When Implementing As Part Of Your Office Furniture Design Birmingham

As you can see from the bullet list above, a suspended ceiling is a great asset when creating a plan to redesign your office furniture in and around the Birmingham areas. Not only do they come in a wide range of materials and colours, but when fitted they can also hide unsightly areas of any structural or external fittings left on the existing ceiling that would otherwise look out of place. Suspended ceilings are not only suited to the office environment, but are widely used in the health industry, education sectors and industrial units as well as other fields. Pure Office Solutions have years of experience in installing suspended ceilings across all the industries. For more information or to speak to one of the staff, call us on:

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