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At Pure Office Solutions we understand the importance of needing comfort whilst remote working. We have a range of different desk options to suit your working space. 

Working from Home

Due to the covid-19 pandemic the trend of working from home has increased in some cases businesses have forfeited their premises and opted for remote working indefinitely.  3 out of 10 adults working in the UK are remote working ( with this trend only expected to rise as more businesses opt for remote working without an office. So, what do you need to make your home office as comfortable and inspiring as possible? Pure Office Solutions have the answers to your problems with a wide range of in home office furniture.

How a desk at home can improve your health and productivity

The ergonomics of your home office is essential for your health and productivity when working from home. The first thing you should look into is a desk. Office desks for home offices can encourage good posture if set to the correct working height. 37 cm from the floor is the recommended working height for a desk. You need to ensure your home office desk is sturdy! If you are looking to create a home office with limited space, remember your desk only needs to be as wide as your monitor. Contact Pure Office Solutions to see how we can help you find the perfect desk. A desk with draws will help keep your workspace tidy and clutter free it will also help you re-arrange the space if your home office has multiple purposes. If the space, you have will not allow for a desk with draws you can consider putting up shelves above your desk to help with storage solutions. Specialists recommend your monitor is positioned an arms-length away from your body on the desk, that there is enough space under your desk for your knees to fit comfortable and enough room to have a footrest to better your posture.

Eco Easy Adult desk from Pure Office Solutions

Corner desks

Corner desks are the perfect solution for your home office if you have a smaller room. The corner desk allows you to optimise the space you have by maximising your working area without taking up as much of the flooring space. You can also use the under-desk space to store other office accessories, our corner desks come with integrated storage allowing you to keep your home office tidy.

HiRISE Sit/stand desks

The HiRISE sit/stand desks are becoming increasingly popular! The HiRISE desks have amazing health benefits as you can chose between sitting and standing which can decrease backpain and increase blood flow and improve your posture. With the HiRISE desks they not only contribute to better posture but the matt finish on the desk decreases the stress on your eyes as the glare is reduced. This desk will help in providing a productive yet comfortable working environment in your home office.

Rectangular Desks

Our rectangular desks come in a classic design with modern twists. The rectangular desks come in a range of colours and different finishes. Their design makes them robust and sturdy making it the perfect addition to any home office. You will be able to store printers, desktops, laptops, and other home office accessories on this desk. It also comes with the a two cable access port resulting in the ease of keeping your wires safer and tidier.

Desks for home office near me Pure Office Solutions

Desks for home office near me

Pure office solutions have corner desks, Hirise sit/stand desks, and rectangular desks with a range of different finish colour options available. Pure Office Solutions understand that with the current climate remote working is being more and more popular. Just because you are not sat in an office building doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort at work. We have a range of office desks for home offices designed to make the most out of your space whilst offering you maximum comfort.

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