5 reasons to install a feature wall in your office!

Using our office design specialists, create your personality

Unique and eye catching office feature walls are a simple and cost-effective way to express the company’s personality in their office space. It’s an easy way to give the office a facelift. Using photos, company logos or slogans, you can give your office a unique atmosphere that can be fun, informative, inspirational or even motivational. These feature walls can reflect the company’s origins, values and create a focal point. Feature Logos and colour schemes reinforce Corporate branding, and our office design specialists can make this happen for you.

So what are the 5 reasons to install a feature wall?

1. Enhance plain walls

No one would like to sit and stare in a bare white wall as it can be boring and uninspiring. Bold Graphics can promote interaction and innovation in your office, especially in training or collaborative spaces.

 2. Enrich breakout and relaxation areas

Feature walls are also a great way to define different areas and zones in the office.  This encourage your workers to get away from their desks for some well-deserved break time with bold graphical designs and bright colours.

3. Disguise unsightly areas and conceal storage

This is a clever and interesting way of hiding storage in your office.  You’d never guess that the electrics are housed behind these doors.

4. Create different moods

Research suggests that colour has an impact on our feelings.  Red and purple are said to increase energy and creativity levels while pale blues have a calming effect.  Apparently yellows and greens make workers more cheerful.

5. Reinforce corporate branding

Create a feature wall that represents your company’s ethos and history.  This branding can be very obvious, using logos, slogans and straplines, or more subtle, using colours and images that relate to your industry or global reach.  For example, for a gaming company client, we used some gaming characters in bright colours.

It is also important that the image is the correct aspect ratio, quality and dpi so it can fit a large space without morphing or pixelating.   At Pure Office Solutions Ltd we have been creating feature walls for years so our designers can advise you on the technical aspects of the process.

Versatile, colourful and unique to you – the sky is the limit. Contact us on 01926 468668 and see how we can help you design the feature wall for your office.