How to Ergonomically Improve your Workstation

Ergonomics is the science of human engineering & how humans relate to their job & work environment. The design of your office and workstation has a huge impact on your overall health & well being, which is why ergonomic accessories & furniture are so important for businesses.

We have compiled a few easy steps to guide you through improving the ergonomics of your office workstation.

  • Use an ergonomic monitor arm to centre your monitor directly in front of you
  • Your monitor should be 2-3 inches above eye level (your eyes level with top 1/3 of screen)
  • Sit at least an arm’s length away from the screen
  • Position the keyboard at the same height as your elbows
  • Position source documents in front of you between the monitor & the keyboard using a document stand
  • Use an ergonomically designed office chair so you can adjust the seat height so your feet are flat on the floor
  • Adjust the chair so your knees should be equal to, or slightly lower, than your hips
  • Place your feet firmly on the floor or on a footrest
  • An ergonomic office chair will allow you to adjust the back to a 100 or 110 degree reclined angle
  • Your chair needs lumbar support for your upper & lower back
  • Choose a purpose designed working office chair so you can adjust or remove arm rests
  • Place your telephone withing easy reach or use telephone headsets & speaker phone where possible

Now you can start to improve the ergonomics of your own workstation or the workstations of your company’s offices to avoid lower back strain, circulation loss, or repetitive strain injury. Please visit our dedicated Ergonomic Accessories section or view our range of Ergonomic Office Seating. Alternatively, Contact Us for a free consultation.