Reduce Employee Absence in Your Business

Millions of work days are lost every year due to employee illness which costs small businesses particularly. The two main reasons are musculoskeletal disorders & stress. There are things you as the employer can do to improve the office environment & individual office workstations in order to significantly reduce this problem.

Read our five tips below to help your business reduce employee absence by improving your office environment

  1. Allow your employees to input ideas into the design of their office workstation: 77% of employees in a recent survey for the British Council of Offices said they would like to be involved in decisions on the layout & furniture for their office workspace
  2. Choose the right office chair for your individual employee: back pain & repetitive strain injury are on the increase so it’s very important for individuals to be able to adjust their personal office chair. Think also about their needs & whether they need a specialised chair due to weight, injury, or access
  3. Select the right ergonomic accessories for each individual from monitor arms to lighting: in a recent YouGov survey of 1,000 employees 67% said the ergonomic design of their workstation had a positive impact on their ability to work efficiently
  4. Think about colour & light when you are choosing office furniture: 2012 saw a huge demand for white base office desking & bench desking as it creates an office environment that helps to reduce tension by creating a feeling of space & brightness
  5. If you don’t want to purchase new office desks, look at adding screens to your existing desking to give individuals their own personal office space: 68% of employees in the YouGov survey felt personal space was vital to an office environment

While you can’t eradicate all the causes of employee absence, these five tips should help you to make significant improvements & ensure your business office environment is a happy & efficient workplace! For ideas, please visit our Ergonomic Accessories section or view our Furniture Ranges. Alternatively, Contact Us for a free consultation.