How to make the best of Mondays

“It’s just another manic Monday”.  This line of a popular song is what most of us tell ourselves as soon as we realise that the weekend really is over and we have to go back to work. The majority of us do dread that Monday feeling. We are publishing this article to hopefully help you turn that feeling around and make your manic Monday into a Mega Monday.

We have some reminders to help you feel happier in general.

Live for AND enjoy the moment – Dreading Monday mornings from the moment that you step out of the office on a Friday afternoon can take that joy away from the weekend that is right in front of you. The weekend is right here and right now and it’s not here to stay forever. Enjoy it and forget about Monday that isn’t here yet.

Write out a plan on Friday – Make a bit of time on your Friday Afternoons to make a plan on how you will tackle your workload for the coming week. Be specific on what you need to accomplish on the coming Monday. This way, you have a clear list of what you need so you don’t need to think about it over the weekend.

Visualize a wonderful day – Forget the fact that it is Monday and think of it as just a normal day. Remind yourself that things are going to go smoothly as planned. Imagine getting your tasks done and getting along with everyone in the office. Don’t drain your brain thinking about problems that you may or may not face. Positive thinking is the key to set yourself up for success.

Have a positive mind-set – This one is easier said than done. Try to be more conscious of how you respond to problems that comes your way. Do not stress as it gets in the way of your ability to see the bigger picture and it hinders your ability to make a clear decision on tackling your challenges.


We know that no matter how hard we try; we cannot escape from Monday mornings. Our mind-set and how we face it makes all the difference. Below are some pointers to avoid the negative vibes from ruining your day.

Do not take bad attitude personally – Negative reactions and opinions of people around you does not necessarily mean it has anything to do with you. Most of the time, people are behaving this way because they are unhappy or struggling with some part of their lives.

Be Compassionate – We see it in the social media, our parents are always telling us, or maybe you have the saying on your wall “Be kind always. Every person is fighting a battle you do not know about”. That man sitting quietly in the office could be dealing with an illness, financial woes or domestic issues. Give them the same compassion you would want if you were in their shoes.

Have a thankful heart and show gratitude for the positive things you have in your life – Remind yourself that no matter how stressful your job is, someone out there would kill to have it. When you feel like that stress is coming, take a deep breath and have a walk outside.

Zone out things that you cannot control – Other people’s reactions or attitudes are way out of your control no matter how hard you give them advice or talk to them. Focus on how you respond to them and how successfully reach a solution to your workplace.

Stay away from negative people – It’s easier to just stay away from people that brings your mood down. Befriend a more positive co-worker or do something nice for an unsuspecting officemate. Hopefully, this will make you instantly feel good.

Remember that both positive and negative force is contagious so you may well be that positive energy in your workplace especially on Monday mornings.