the fuclrum range of office equipment is great for furniture work

The Fulcrum CE Executive Range

The fulcrum CE range is one of the best in office furniture work that you can fit into any work space and create great aesthetics for the staff to enjoy. The main influence on the design front is contemporary, this is influenced by the variety of finishes that are available to the client, along with specifications supplied by the client. This ultimately means that no two installations are ever really going to be identical, offering up various design challenges for our installers. Upon completion you are left with a unique suite in which the staff will find a joy to work in.

The Visual Elements

This range of office furniture offers many, many design elements that the client can adjust or tweak to their needs as they see fit. Different finishes are available for the finished product allowing them to make the office look as stylish, or as minimal, as you like it. Adding to the overall finish of these desks are the optional chrome frames that are available on request by the client. What we have found popular among many of our recent clients is the use of the glass desk top in the design, it offers an ulterior, and beautiful, finish to the otherwise standard wooden desk tops used widely in office environments.

Fantastic Furniture Work

One of the key design ideas we find really clever with this range, is the storage options it offers to the clients, great internal storage offers more functionality to a unique design. This range is very unique in the variations that it can come in, quite literally making it the Swiss army knife in the office furniture world. Should you wish to look in to getting a quote or would like more information on any of our ranges, you can call Pure Office Solutions on;

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