Ergonomic Office Desks

Ergonomic furniture is a speciality here at Pure Office Solutions. Our ergonomic office desks range allows employees to change the height of their desk at the touch of a button. This allows you to be on your feet for at least four hours a day. We supply HiRise ergonomic office desks at Pure Office Solutions. These desks have a range of features such as:

  • Single and double-sided desks
  • Four height memories
  • Digital display to be fitted both sides
  • Optional desk screens
  • Optional slimline drawers
  • Robust steel frames
  • Smooth movement
  • Anti-collision and auto-reverse

We are proud to supply HiRise desks in a range of top finishes to suit any office design.  Alongside our desk range, we offer ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic accessories, also beneficial for health and productivity.

Desks to improve your Posture

When considering the placement of your work station, you might choose to look at ergonomic office desks. A specialised desk can ensure that your joints and posture are in a good position at work, reducing muscle fatigue and back problems.

Implementing the following positioning at your work station is recommended by specialists:

  • The monitor/screen is at arms-length away from your body
  • Your wrists are straight with your hands at or below elbow level
  • Your chair is adjusted so that your knees are level with your hips
  • Your backrest is positioned to support the lower back
  • You have an adjustable swivel chair
  • The front of the seat does not press on the back of your knees
  • There is ample space under your desk for your knees to fit comfortably
  • A footrest is used to support your feet
  • A wrist rest is used or the edge of your desk is padded
  • No items are stored under your desk to stop you from being able to fit your lap comfortably under your desk

At Pure Office Solutions, we recommend an ergonomic office desk as it allows you to be positioned in a natural a posture position (feet on the floor in front of you, shoulders relaxed and vertebrae stacked correctly). Our ergonomic office desks are height adjustable so each employee can change their seat height according to their needs.

control for adjustable desk
Diagram showing adjustable desk
adjustable ergonomic desk with brick walls
adjustable desk in warehouse office

We also provide office desks that allow you to alternate between a seated and standing position so that you aren’t seated for long periods. This works by having ergonomic office desks with a cable tray and cable spine that allows the desk height to be lowered or heightened easily. You can move from a seated to standing working position at the push of a button.

Other things to consider when purchasing an ergonomic desk are:

  • Matte finish desks that reduce glare. The matte finish minimises stress on your eyes
  • Height of desk allows for hands to type without needing to reach your arms out too far
  • Ensure desk isn’t too wide so that your screen isn’t too far back which can lead to eye strain

With all this in place, it is still important to ensure that you take small breaks away from your workstation to stretch and limit the health issues that can arise from being in a prolonged seated position.

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