Top Reception Furniture Pieces

HiBox office storage

Reception furniture is arguably one of the most important items in an office space. As the first room a guest finds themselves in while waiting in a building, receptions are usually the busiest. It is in the reception areas that first impressions of an establishment are created- hence, the importance of furniture in this space…

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Maximise Your Office Layout With Space Saving Office Desks

Space saving desk example - Fliptop meeting tables

All business owners know that good office space comes at a premium. That’s why, in the current financial climate, it’s vital to be creative and resourceful with choosing the right office furniture for your business. Fitted desks and ergonomic furniture may look the part, but are they practical for your office and room sizes, your…

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Protective Screens. Which is Best?

social distancing screens

Pure Office Solutions guide to choosing the correct type of social distancing screen for your workplace When preparing for your staff to return to the workplace it is critical that employers assess and manage the risks of COVID-19 and take steps to keep everyone safe. Therefore, you need to think about the risks employees face…

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Ambus Bench

Bench desks have become a popular desk choice for many different businesses and industries. The desks are attached together to create one long workspace, where employees can sit in order to complete their work. Find out more information on why bench desks are the right choice for your business here. Affordable Bench desks are an…

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Pregnant Woman

Currently employers have a responsibility under Health & Safety law to provide a safe working environment for all employees including pregnant staff. From 12 weeks on wards, the mother will slowly but surely get further away from the desk as her bump grows. It is important to make sure you follow good sitting practice to minimise…

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