Back to the Office – Bespoke Office Furniture


With restrictions slowly easing and normality returning to us a little bit at a time, the return to the office is upon us. Whether you’re expecting staff to return soon or slowly increasing numbers at work, you want your staff to feel safe and comfortable with optimal space so they can get back to the work grind.

Take Advantage of this Time.

Whilst you’re working at a reduced capacity or as an empty office, this is the perfect opportunity to take a look around and see if there’s any way you can improve your working space. It would also be nice to welcome staff back and surprise them with a refreshing new look and new working spaces for them to enjoy. At Pure Office Solutions, we have plenty of options for you to choose from, whether they are office furniture necessities or added extras to please your staff, we definitely have what you’re looking for.

How Bespoke Office Furniture can make your staff happy.

Here at Pure Office Solutions, we have a variety of bespoke office furniture that is the perfect solution to improving your office space. One of the products we offer is privacy furniture such as seating areas, working booths and meeting pods. The privacy seating spaces are perfect for staff to enjoy somewhere comfortable to sit whilst also enjoying the luxury of their own space. With the ongoing COVID 19 concerns, these pieces of bespoke office furniture will allow space for staff to feel safe and comfortable whilst they work or on their break time. Another piece of furniture we offer are work booths. These are designed specifically to give workers a workspace that is self-contained where they can focus without distractions. This allows staff to have their own spacious area that is separated from those around them, facilitating a private working area that is social distanced ensuring they feel comfortable from their desk.

Work Booth

Arguably an office essential, with todays current ongoing situation, protective screens are the most practical solutions to minimise risks. Whether you’ve already got some in place or you’re seeking new, more practical ones, here at Pure Office Solutions we have the many different types of screens that will suit your working environment perfectly. We offer Screen Extensions that are moveable and most convenient as they are easy to fit and move as you, please.

In addition, we also offer cubicle screening which increases protection as they create personal cubicles without reducing light and maintaining an open office space. These screens are easy to clean, wipeable, durable and smart looking- making for a sleek socially distanced working space. We find these to be very popular amongst staff as it generates the illusion of their own private office as they are secluded to more confined area however the glass partitions mean that they’re still close by to co workers should they need anything from each other during the day.

workplace protection screens
workplace protection screens

Desk Solutions

Pure Office Solutions offer Desk Solutions as one of our bespoke office furniture options. All of our desks come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles. The best desk for utilising space is bench desks, most popular in open plan offices where space is limited. They are also spacious offering room for social distancing at the desk. They can also be accompanied by our screen extensions for extra protection. In addition to this we also offer meeting desks and free standing desks.

Freestanding Screens for Desks
Freestanding Screens for Desks

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